Crusade by the Sea – Day One

We arrived in Tania’s village where a tented stage and chairs had been set up on the crusade ground, right next to the ocean. It was a beautiful scene.  At the start of the program, we were blessed to have some of the worship team from a local church come and start off the crusade with some great praise and worship.
A crowd gathered as people were drawn in to hear the message.  After the team introduced themselves, Pastor Bill preached a powerful Gospel message, calling all the lost children home to their Heavenly Father.  He asked the crowd “who will be the first courageous man or woman to step out and say yes to Jesus?”  One woman walked up to the stage, followed by another and another.  Then the first man came forward.  By the end of the alter call, a group by the stage and a number of people back in their seats were ready to receive Jesus into their heart or recommit their lives to the Lord. Some had tears in their eyes as they were profoundly touched by the love of the Father.  Almost 30 people joined in this prayer.
Michelle then shared a message on the healing power of God, calling forward anyone who needed healing in their bodies.  After laying on hands and praying for the group, she asked those who had felt a change in their bodies to come share their testimonies into the microphone.  The first woman shared that when she came to the crusade, she had intense pain in her abdomen, but after prayer the pain left completely!  A second woman shared that she had pain/injury in her right leg but that it was now gone. Then a woman who had come limping in with a cane shared that the left hand side of her body had been affected by a stroke and she was unable to stretch forth her arm or walk straight since the stroke.  Michelle felt led to have the woman (a Christian) whose leg had been healed