Continued Discipling and Night Outreaches

Last time we shared with you how God was taking the new believers here deeper through the teaching of the Word and through prayer and impartation. This has continued every night possible. We have also started doing night outreaches before the discipling time.
The night outreaches have focused on targeting real life issues of favella life. The love and power of God can set them free from this cycle of hurt, pain, and separation from what God desires for their lives. One of the dramas the team wrote last year is backed by a Portuguese rap song. This song displays the typical progression of a tough childhood life leading to drug trafficking, gang membership, anger, relational and sexual difficulties, addictions and eventually death. They all know the rap song and the life portrayed in the rap song. This drama/dance hits home for many. After the drama/dance the Gospel is presented in a loving, direct manner. This past night, those who gave their lives to Jesus were invited to come into the soup kitchen afterwards. Andy shared with them essentials on growing in their new relationships with the Lord. They were all encouraged to come to our discipling times to learn even more.
It is wonderful to see the depth that God is building inside those that are opening their hearts in fullness to Him. For those that have come multiple times, one can easily see the progression of faith in God, love for Him, and desire to know Him more. Our prayer is that all the new believers in Heliopolis will hunger and thirst for the Lord in this way thus establishing a close knit group of believers that will spread the message and testimony of Jesus throughout their community.