Conference in Beira

Our team had the opportunity to join Pastor Jose at an interdenominational leadership conference. The conference was located at a church in Beira and had over 500 attendees, including pastors, leaders, and family members. Upon our arrival, we were able to join in worship and fellowship with our fellow believers. The hunger for God and fire of His presence was evident throughout the church. Pastor Jose imparted to the Mozambicans the importance of letting go of traditional ways and following after God’s way of marriage. He spoke about marriage being a partnership, and that each spouse should walk beside each other. Though this perspective is not held by the majority of Mozambicans, Pastor Jose was able to share about his own marriage and encourage the married couples to serve one another and show mutual love and respect. Pastor Jose was then able to speak to the singles in the church, encouraging them to seek the Lord and ask for His plan for their lives to be fulfilled.

Later that night, we enjoyed another time of fellowship and joined into their praise and worship. Pastor Mary Pat (or PMP, as Pastor Jose has begun to call her) spoke about desperation for His presence. Nearly the entire church responded to a call to come forward to receive more from the Lord. Hands were lifted up, and everyone was crying out for more of His presence. Many people could sense the weight of His glory in the atmosphere. Through our interpreter, there was a call for anyone with pain or sickness to raise their hands. Almost every hand in the church was raised in needing a healing touch from the Lord. After praying for their healing, many people expressed that they had received some kind of healing throughout their bodies.

On Sunday morning, part of the team arrived early to the conference, while the other part attended the worship service in Dondo. As we arrived at the conference, we enjoyed another time of unity in worship. The team was called forward to share three songs. Pastor Jose led us in a Mozambican praise song, and then we sang “I Will Worship,” and “It is the Cry of My Heart.” As Mike McRae played the guitar, Carl played the keyboard, and the team sang in the Spirit, we could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence. There was a heart of desperation in many. One lady came forward with her hands raised, crying out to God for more of His presence. After this intense time of worship, Pastor Mary Pat spoke on leadership. She spoke about being able to serve and love the way Jesus did. There were many Bible passages given on intimacy with the Lord and desperation for His presence. The Box Skit was presented, and Pastor Mary Pat spoke on the importance of not allowing walls in our hearts to get in the way of pursuing God and loving others.

After the message, church workers were consecrated to the Lord as the leaders of the conference anointed them with oil and prayed over them. We then all shared a time of communion and offering together. Pastor Mary Pat then closed the service with a few thoughts on the spirit of revelation, and presented the church leaders with personal copies of Rev. Henry and Judith Gruver’s prayer walking manual Sobre a Cruz, the Portuguese translation of Crosswise. This book was recently translated into Portuguese by a couple in Zimpeto through a connection formed last year while Judith was staying at the children’s center.