Combomuni: Jesus is the Living Water

The people of Combomuni are so precious to Father God! A few of the villagers greeted us upon our arrival and then shortly after prayed with us to invite Holy Spirit to come and move during our stay.  Our first evening of ministry met a warm welcome by the people of the village. We shared dramas and dances with them and God’s presence came and touched people through a powerful message of the Father’s heart.  One woman who had come and participated during the evening received freedom and deliverance from witchcraft and great peace as we led her through a prayer of forgiveness and opening up to the love of Jesus!

During our second night we led 350 people to Christ and an outpouring of healing flooded everyone who raised their hands to receive a touch from Heaven.  Bless the name of the Lord!

Before leaving, as we were saying our good-byes to our beloved new friends, Pastor Mary Pat spoke with a group of women and began to minister the love of Jesus to them.  She prayed for each one with pain and sickness and all were healed!  Several of them had been experiencing stomach aches and others had problems with their legs and backs.  All were gloriously touched and restored in Jesus’ name!