Coconut Breakthrough – Spiritual and Natural

Our morning started with the thud of coconuts falling outside our tents, as our friends in Maxixe gathered them for our team. We watched in amazement as a Mozambican man climbed the palm tree with his bare feet and hacked off coconuts with a machete. The Sunday service that followed our tasty treat was amazing as Pastor Mary Pat preached a message of breakthrough. Andy gave a prophetic word, comparing hardships in the lives of the people to the process of harvesting, husking, and cracking into a coconut. Though it requires effort, the process is so worth it when you taste the sweet water and meaty flesh of the coconut. In the same way, the Lord takes us through our struggles to receive His promises and to taste and see that He is good! Jaimie also released a prophetic song of the Lord that we believe brought a cleansing to the land, as team members had visions of the worship reverberating off the walls and beyond. After church, rain began to fall as the team quickly packed up. Then we headed back to Nhabete to enjoy dinner with our friends there and prepare for our next day’s journey.