Cocomissava “Released” from Darkness!

We arrived in Cocomissava this afternoon and a crowd of curious children soon formed around us. We could tell by the looks on their faces that they were eager to see why a bus full of Americans just arrived in their village, and they stayed nearby as we set-up camp and prepared for the crusade. Technical difficulties with our generator caused us to start later than usual, but the longer we waited, the more people gathered. (God works all things for the good!) Once worship started, the children came forward to dance and sing, as did many young adults. The energy level of the crowd was high, but at the same time, there was a lot of distraction and something in the atmosphere seemed a bit off. This became especially apparent during our drama “Released.” In the drama, demons tempt man with sin and as he steps into their traps, they bind him with ropes and pull him away from God. Then Jesus comes in and is crucified, raises from the dead, rescues man, and defeats the demons! The unusual element about this crowd was that they were cheering for the demons as they tempted and bound man. Witnessing this, we knew that Jesus wanted to break through the strongholds over this place tonight, just as our representation of Him would break off the chains in the drama! Sure enough, cheers erupted as the demons were thrown to the ground, and we knew God was speaking to people’s hearts about the freedom they could have in Him. When a call for salvation was given, 11 people declared Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Many miracles followed, including a young man who was deaf from birth in one ear being able to hear clearly, and 4 people who had difficulty seeing completely regaining their eyesight! After these amazing testimonies, Pastor Mary Pat asked if anyone else wanted to give their lives to the Lord, and 20 more people, including 2 of those who were just healed, prayed out with her. When light invades, darkness always has to flee!