Church planting at Guroyiri

Driving down a dark dirt road toward a remote village, our van stopped close to a small campfire.  A handful of people were cooking their village food as others slowly appeared out of the darkness.  With the headlights from our van and the small light on our video camera shining in the darkness, our team began to share their hearts for Jesus.  As a crowd of over 100 people gathered, the team continued to share the saving and healing power and love of God through dance and drama. As Mike and Lawrence shared the Gospel, nearly 80 people were saved. Pastor Mary Pat then trumpeted a poweful call to the crowd to be set free from the demonic powers of witchcraft and juju (a local form of black magic) and to receive healing in their bodies and minds.  Many received prayer and testified of pain leaving their bodies as Jesus touched them with His amazing love and power. Praise the Lord!