Church Plant Celebration

In celebration of the opening of Casa de Jesus, a new Iris Ministries church in Heliopolis, and in an effort to introduce those from the community to this new source of spiritual life, we held a 7-hour crusade to plant this new church in the heart of the slums. We worked late into the evening the previous night to get the building ready for the big day. With a make-shift stage across from the church building and new lights to keep things going late into the evening, hundreds were drawn to the dramas, singing, and preaching. Many local groups participated in the event, ranging from kids doing practiced skits to older youth singing their favorite rap songs. Mid-way through the event and again toward the end, we offered free hot dogs and pop to the hungry crowd. There was an air of excitement with this being the first church for the people of Heliopolis to open within Heliopolis. Many were brought into the Kingdom, healed, and touched by the Lord in various ways. One child testified of being healed of a heart condition through prayer during a previous day of ministry. He had been unable to run or ride his bike without quickly losing all strength. After prayer, he was able to do these activities and much more, eliminating the need for his planned surgery to repair his heart. It was a privilege to be a part of this special work of the Lord, with our own hearts being deeply moved with compassion and love for these people. We continued the celebration two days later when these wonderful people hosted a “going-away party” for our team, complete with balloons, food, handmade signs, and even a special drama by the children. Even Carlos, the “man of influence” in that area, was very welcoming of our efforts, giving us special farewell gifts. Additionally, he granted us access to the Samba school hangar for our crusade several days before, and bought us food for one of our many work nights. This is an example of God’s great favor as He continued to open many doors.