Church Plant #2 – Day 1 Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance…Broken Bones Healed Before Our Eyes!!

This amazing day got even better that evening.  We headed out to a new location for our next ministry outreach, just minutes away from the center.  Our eyes witnessed the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, bring life and salvation to many, including countless healings!  10 people bowed their knees in the dirt ground, lifted their hands to Heaven, and declared their devotion to Jesus and commitment to turn away from their old lives and turn to the new life they now have in Christ Jesus.  After a call for the sick to come, we prayed and the healings were being testified by the number.  A young gentleman was injured during an incident with a tree falling on him, and was unable to raise his hand above his head, and he testified that he was healed and lifted his hands up high for all to see.  One young gentleman had also suffered an injury and broke his fingers, he came up to the front to show us all that he could wiggle his fingers, and bend and move them.  People with broken and fractured bones, restored!  Gunshot wounds, healed!  Tooth aches, head pain, stomach pains, sore knees, and open sores completely recovered and miraculously touched by our Messiah!  Not to mention, a new church was also planted for the discipleship of God’s children to grow as mighty men and women of the faith who will see their region and nation changed for the return of our King!  Worthy is the Lamb!