Church in Manado

The team split up on Sunday so that they could impart to two different church bodies.  Pastor Bill went with Tania to a Protestant church near the sea, while Lawrence and Michelle went to a Charismatic church downtown called Bethany Church.

Pastor Bill preached a message about power of JOY to the congregation that shifted the atmosphere of the traditional church. Many people were affected by Pastor Bill’s contagious joy as they began to have revelation of the Father’s goodness. He later had a time of impartation as he sang over the congregation about the Father rejoicing over them.  The message clearly touched their hearts as the senior pastor gave hop of celebration as she thanked Pastor Bill and the team for their ministry.

At Bethany church, Lawrence and Michelle led the youth worship service – about 200 kids ages 5-13.  Lawrence was invited to join the worship team on stage, and he” expertly” picked up the dance movements to a number of praise songs to the delight of the children.  The group entered into a time of worship, and as we looked around and watched some of the kids entering in, both Lawrence and Michelle were brought to tears.  It was a precious time.  Michelle then shared a message about how God wants to use each and every one of them to bring Heaven to earth and reach out to the people around them.  Lawrence shared about the power of worship and how God loves to respond to their hearts as they give their entire lives to Him. He later taught them some Holy Spirit inspired dance moves as they learned the song “We Have the Best Dad”. All rejoiced and celebrated as the revelation sank in that we truly do have the best Dad in the whole world!