Church at Abensu and Adabrakah

The group of ten who stayed in the south divided into two groups for church services. Andy, Nikki, Darlene, Jaimie, and Dean were taken to Abensu, where Pastor Dan leads the Life Christian Centre branch. They taught Sunday school, and Darlene and Jaimie taught the children separately. Worship was lively with singing and dancing and Pastor Dan gave a firey sermon on the spirit of Caleb, the dangers of fear and doubt, and authority we have in Jesus Christ.

Troy, Rachel, Angie, Donna, and Monica returned to the Adabrakah branch led by Pastor Francis, and were each able to share some encouragement and a verse with the church. They were also able to continue to pray with Perpetua, the 5-year old girl who was hit by a car in December, as her mother brought her to the service.