Chokwe Children

Smiles covered the faces of the children in Chokwe as they spent the day around our campsite, playing games and singing songs with many of the team members. These children live in absolute poverty, and can often be seen playing in the trash that covers much of Chokwe’s fields. Pastor Jose explained that many of the children in this village are orphans, and many of the fathers have left the families to work in mines in South Africa.

Pastor Mary Pat and Pastor Jose began talking about feeding the children, and in the afternoon we began to prepare a hearty soup to give to the children in the evening. As the children gathered, we gave them each a cup of stew and a piece of bread, praying over each one. We marked their hands with a large “X,” but many tried to wipe it off in the dirt or even change clothes to get more food! At the end of the evening, we were able to feed every child that came (and some twice) and were left with one cup of soup left over. There is always enough!