China Mission 2012

This is Frontline’s 5th ministry trip to this communist country. A team of 6 is ministering in Kunming and Beijing this summer to carry the glory and new releases of the fire of God. Powerfully being touched by the Lord, the underground church movement in China is experiencing revival. Our ministry will once again target the pastors and leaders of these underground churches who are deeply yearning for more of the Kingdom of God. This is where the fire sweeping across China is raging and the team will add fuel to the flames with foundational teaching about the Kingdom and impartation of the Father’s love accompanied with Holy Spirit outpouring.
To add momentum to this Kingdom movement, foreign missionaries in Kunming offer opportunities for agricultural and business employment to the Chinese. Through the establishment of farms, coffee houses, and more, these Chinese are evangelized and then trained to be “Gospel workers”. Eventually, they serve as pastors and leaders in the underground church. A work among the Muslims is also a focus where materials pointing to Jesus, even in the Koran, are “gifted” to Imams and other Muslims in mosque areas with the desire to create relationship for the planting the Gospel. The Frontline team plans to teach English in a coffee house to open the way for sharing Jesus, visit Mosque areas to take gifts to Imams and other Muslims, and prayer walk for ancient strongholds to be broken . Thank you for praying for the wisdom of God in these delicate situations.
Pastor Bill and the team will also lead a series of revival meetings for international missionaries and their families to strengthen and encourage those giving their all for the Gospel in Kunming. This will be the 2nd time ministering in this venue. The team is expecting a significant prophetic and revelatory explosion to occur at these meetings.

Time on two major train trips between cities will be spent evangelizing the students and other travelers that pack the “sleeper” cars this time of year. We expect much fruit as there is time to engage and befriend many willing Chinese on these 24+ hour trips. Frontline specifically chooses this mode of transportation because of the extraordinary opportunities it offers to spend extended hours with the people.

Finally, Beijing will be an expanding of the tent pegs of our Kingdom work in China with the team partnering with three new contacts there. In house churches, a foster home, and a “returnee” led movement (students educated in Western countries returning to impact China spiritually because they became believers), the Frontline team will be building up leaders and newer believers in the powerful revelation being released to us by Holy Spirit in these days and imparting signs, wonders, and miracles to these hungry saints.