Children’s ministry at Abensu

Nikki & I prayed for 12 children to be saved and then we taught simply about hearing from God through words or pictures. We had them pray over each other and layed hands on them to impart. One boy said he saw a picture of a man holding a rod over a river and it turned to blood. He had never heard of the story of Moses! So we shared it with him. In the midst of all this we had the children pray (at a distance) for some of the people receiving deliverance. We then prayed for a boy named Immanuel who had been taken to a fetish priest by his parents 3 years ago when he was 9. The fetish priest made a cut on his scalp and rubbed in some substance that was supposedly meant to protect him/bring healing. The children and our team prayed over him and he got baptized in the Holy Spirit. We also prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch all the children. It was amazing!