Children’s Home kids Experience the Supernatural

Vijay, Suneetha, and Kumar were the names of our three puppets that showed up in Rajahmundry to help teach the children more about soaking in the Lord’s presence. With a little help from the team, the puppets taught the children about lying down and asking Holy Spirit to come and meet with them. After a time of lying before the Lord, the children began to testify about what they had seen, heard, and felt. The glory of the Lord manifested in the physical in the form of gold dust on the hands or faces of every single child present!  The children were very encouraged to see that the presence of God was falling in their church.

 Cherry, the 6 year old son of Pastor Prabaka, saw God’s face and then Jesus on the cross. A young man named Ajesh felt like something was lifting him up and he was moving up and out the door of the church. He was amazed because he felt like he was flying in the Spirit. Mary felt evil spirits were on her, but then she saw some white light and commanded the spirits to leave. Kaveri was lying down and felt quite weak. Then, Jesus appeared, laid His hands on her, and strengthened her. Suddenly, she saw two angels dancing and another picture of Jesus.