Children’s Day

Friday was a national holiday in Brazil, the Dia das Criancas, or “Day of the Children.” It is a big deal here, as schools are closed and most people get off of work. Pastor Dirceu and his wife Jeanine wanted to bless the children with a hot meal, so they and others from Casa de Jesus prepared big pots of food and feed everyone who got in line to receive a plateful. (We enjoyed the food too!) They also distributed toys, popsicles, and juice boxes to all the children. It was a very fun afternoon, as we played with the kids and did our best to keep them in a single file line!

In the evening, we again were able to have a smaller discipleship group with the teenage girls, and Andy, Peter, and Dylan were able to share the Gospel with several teenage guys that often hang around the porch next door to our church. God’s love is going deeper here with every interaction!