Children Receive Ministry

On Wednesday morning, the team had a great time of worship and prayer together, then went out to minister to the people in the afternoon. We also spent some time prayer walking through the area around the church where we are staying. That evening, at 7:00PM, the doors were opened once again for the children. (Every evening, we were also able to get into conversations with adults and teenagers who stopped by, and were able to share Jesus with them!) On this night, Deanne led the children in an interactive story-telling of Noah’s ark, and we also used a puppet to tell them the account of Jesus feeding the five thousand. We shared with them that Jesus cares about every need in their lives, and is able to provide all things with them. We then had all the children form a line, and the team briefly prayed over each children individually. Theresa shared a little from her heart with several children about the meaning of worship and dancing in worship, and then we offered the opportunity for them to dance again with Theresa. The children never seem to tire of this worship dance!