Chief’s son saved

After doing some street evangelism, we went to Life Christian Centre’s Togo branch church location for an evening service for their church members as well as people we had been ministering to throughout the afternoon at the drama site. We did a few dramas and preached the Gospel very straight, giving an invitation afterwards to receive Jesus into their hearts. A small crowd gathered to the front for prayer, with the first being a well-dressed man who had previously introduced himself very proudly to some on our team at the drama site & was invited to come to church. The Lord humbled him and softened his heart to receive the gift of eternal life. Many people rushed from the service to tell others in the area what was happening, bringing many more back to the church to hear the Gospel.

Later that night while discussing the events of the day, Pastor Samuel informed us that this well-dressed man was a son of the chief having much authority over the area. Even more amazing is that his family has been highly influenced by voodoo for many generations, relying on the power & guidance of evil spirits to build and maintain their position of authority. This man had taken the bold step away from this practice by instead choosing freedom from this control and darkness through a new life with Jesus.