Chest Pain Leaves, Witchcraft Goes, and Our Savior’s Family Grows!

As coconut trees blew in the wind under the starry sky of Maxixe, our team had a joyful night expressing the love of Christ. Tiana, Ashley, and Jaimie declared the love of our Father and all of the people in attendance proudly stood up to declare they would follow Jesus the rest of their lives! In a demonstration of child-like faith, 30 children were the first to come up to receive prayer to be freed from curses put on them by visiting the witch doctor or other family ties to witchcraft. They were soon followed by 6 mamas and 6 young men who also renounced any connection with witchcraft in their lives. The night continued with a prayer for healing, after which a woman came forward to testify that she was healed of chest pain that had plagued her for two years. Others were healed from headaches and stomach pains. We were amazed as we saw God touch everyone in special ways.