Cambodia – Revival Fire and Freedom Released!

On Sunday, Pastor Mary Pat Gokee and Jaimie McRae traveled from Phnom Penh to Pihanoukville to meet the rest of the Iris Cambodia team. We had a wonderful time getting to know one another, and sharing testimonies about what God has done in our lives. It was a significant time, and we were all anticipating what the Lord was going to do during our stay.

The day after our arrival, we traveled to land that Iris Cambodia had purchased to house children and women rescued out of the brothels and sex industry. The team took time to pray and worship over the land, and to decree freedom and restoration for all who would be coming to this place of refuge and safety. Many words were spoken and released, and the ground was spiritually plowed for the fruit that will soon come. Afterward, we went to the team leader’s house for a time of visioning and impartation. Many amazing things were shared and spoken. Pastor Mary Pat had an opportunity to impart an encouraging word to the team as well. Visions and pictures were shared to stir up an even greater desire and passion for the call of the Lord on each person. This resulted in team members feeling the presence of God and becoming wrecked by His love and heart for Cambodia and the darkness which has overtaken the country. There was an evident refreshing and fiery “yes” on the inside of those who were receiving. This new increase led to an incredible night of pioneering and sowing love in the brothels and red light district, where we ministered both to prostitutes and their customers.

That evening, eight of us traveled out to an area known for its brothels and red light district. We began by praying over our time and asking God to lead us, then headed up to the street in teams to pray over the area and minister to those the Lord led us to. Both teams had a chance to sit with some of the prostitutes and get to know them. We were able to share about God’s love for them and how special and valuable they are to His heart. We also got a chance to talk to some men close by who were sitting outside a guest house, and told them that Jesus loves them and died for them. We believe and trust that these men will come into His kingdom and be radically saved! Thank You, Lord, for Your powerful love and compassion for these very ones that Your eyes are on!

Yesterday afternoon the Iris Cambodia team got together again for impartation and prayer and worship. It was an amazing time of inner healing, prophetic words given, and release of fire!

Last evening we traveled out again to minister in a different area. The place was filled with hidden fear and desperation, but the people were smiling on the outside. Pastor Mary Pat was able to connect with a young prostitute who had lost her parents and found herself in the brothels. She gave her contact information so that the Iris Cambodia team could follow up with her. Another woman was led to prostitution because she didn’t have enough money to take care of her two children. She will be able connect with the team! Both of these women had a measure of hope restored to them…thank You, Lord!