Business Conference

During our time in Brazil, some of the leadership of FMI had the opportunity to attend a business conference in Sao Paulo hosted by Abrades, an organization whose mission is to invest in business projects that bring financial return to the organization which can, in turn, be used to bless ministries and social projects in Brazil.  The keynote speakers at the conference were Jean Andrews and Mel Tari. Jean is an accomplished technology text book author and speaker who focuses on the Father’s heart.  Currently, she is involved in strategic projects that could help change the face of education in the United States.  Mel is an evangelist based in California who was involved in an outpouring of the Lord’s Spirit in his home country of Indonesia in the 1960’s.  Testimony of this revival is found in his book, “Like A Mighty Wind”.  During this revival, many signs and wonders occurred including the salvation and healing of many.  Since that time, he has traveled throughout the world, preaching and teaching with the intensity of Jesus’ fire burning in his heart, seeing many healed and brought into the Kingdom.

The focus of Jean’s sharing dealt with a word that Bill Bright from Campus Crusade for Christ and Loren Cunningham from Youth With A Mission had received from the Lord at the same time, but at different locations.  The word dealt with the importance of taking seven strategic mountains in society as a catalyst for revival.  They were the mountains of Education, Religion, Media, Business, Government, Entertainment, and the Family.  God told them that if they could influence these mountains, they could influence society as a whole.  She did a wonderful job of weaving the heart of the Father into her times of sharing.  We had a real opportunity to connect with her and learn more of what the Lord has been teaching her.

Pastors Bill and Mary Pat Gokee first met Mel Tari in Brazil in February when they came to be the evangelistic outreach team leaders at a six week missions training school in the favella in Heliopolis.  During that time, the Lord knit their hearts in a special way and they have stayed close in communication.  Mel shared about what God is doing in business and the church and how God is bringing a paradigm shift to both, teaching the church and business people to work together for the Gospel.  He shared about some of his experiencing traveling around the world and how the Lord has enabled him to work with business people to help move the Gospel forward.  Mel has a keen ability to look at a situation and speak a word into it that brings wisdom and the counsel of the Lord to bring the right solution.

Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat were scheduled to be keynote speakers at this conference, but due to difficulties obtaining visas for entry to Brazil, they were unable to attend.

Abrades, throughout the three days, shared about their vision to €œinvest€ into that which will bless the Kingdom financially.