Building Spiritual Bridges of Impartation

Pastor Dirceu has spent much time teaching our team things that the Lord has revealed to him. He had a vision in 2002 of a blue wave and brown wave dancing. The blue wave represents the Living Water. The brown wave represents those who are thirsty for the Living Water. In his vision, the blue wave mixed with the brown one, causing the brown water to turn blue. He believes that God is taking those who have the living water to places where the people are thirsty for Jesus. This, he said, is happening with our team from the USA to Brazil. He believes God is building two-way bridges of impartation between countries such as Brazil and USA for the purpose of maturing the body of Christ, raising up the glorious end-time church, and bringing the fullness of the Gospel to all people. One major way the Lord does this is through revelation and impartation. As God reveals part of his heart to one person, that person can impart the revelation and the anointing to carry out that revelation to others through the Holy Spirit.
Our team had the amazing opportunity to meet with Pastor Luis Schileró. Pastor Luis has been called the “Billy Graham of Brazil” by some and by others one of the most powerful men of God in the world. He has traveled to 56 countries and about 500 cities preaching the word of God with signs and wonders confirming the Word. He has led open-air crusades with attendants numbering in the hundreds of thousands. He has seen signs and wonders such as his body glowing (much like the face of Moses in the Bible) while preaching and praying for people, 3 people raised from the dead, the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the mute speaking, the lame walking, and many others.
After sharing many personal testimonies of his many years of walking with the Lord, he prayed over every person on our team. He prayed that everything the Lord has given him in terms of anointing would be imparted to Pastors Bill and Mary Pat and to everyone involved with FMI. It was an awesome time of impartation that we had at his house. Before he prayed for our bus driver, Carlos, he told him the Good News and led him in a prayer of salvation. So not only did we receive new anointing for ministry, but Carlos gave his life to the Lord!
This kind of revelation, ministry, and impartation has taken place at the churches we have ministered to here. The first church we ministered at, Ingreja Baptista de Povo, was hungry for more of the Lord at our arrival. A very stirring message was given by Pastors Bill and Mary Pat and then we worshipped the Lord as the majority (if not all) of the church members came forward for prayer. The Holy Spirit demonstrated his love and power in tangible ways that night. The second church we have ministered at, Ingreja Unida para os Povos, was a church with a strong missions heart and call. They have planted and work with many churches in India. Our time with their congregation included deep praise and worship with both our team praying for them and they praying for us. Much impartation took place and we are believing for all those involved to walk deeper in the call of God with the anointing backing that call being extremely evident. All this is for the Kingdom of God to be known and the Kingdom of darkness to be overcome by the glorious body of Christ.