Brazil – Wednesday, January 31

Jesus is our Healer! Today children in both Heliopolis and City of God learned how Jesus healed the 10 lepers in the Book of Luke. Being the last week of their summer break, some of the children arrived at our morning session looking as if they just woke up. That quickly changed as our team taught them a new Portuguese version of a popular children’s song – “If you are healed and you know it, clap your hands.” Eager hears listened as Tiana and Cheri acted out how one of the healed lepers returned to give thanks to Jesus. During soaking, children saw visions of Jesus. One child even saw Him giving people hugs in heaven. No children reported needing prayer for healing but each were encouraged to pray for friends and family as they returned to their communities.
In the evening, the team split to lead both the regular service and children’s service at Casa de Jesus in Heliopolis. The children learned that we are new creations in Christ from 2 Corinthians 3:18. After we performed the Fresh dance, they repeatedly shouted, “De novo” which means “again” in English. After we had them join in on our encore performance, they taught us one of their Brazilian dances! Meanwhile in the main service, Troy preached on our need to stay close to Jesus and as we do so, we will continue to pick up his habits, words, attributes and expressions. Tiana and Cheri prayed for people in the audience as Jaime sang prophetically. Multiple women reported physical and emotion healings! Even as we continue to teach others on the healing power of Jesus, God continues to show us more and more!