Brazil – Wednesday, January 24

Soak and go. That is a simple little phrase that describes the start of our day here as we headed out into the surrounding houses and byways to meet new friends to pray for, tell about Jesus, and invite to church. As we walked along, we met a woman who invited us in to her house where we had an opportunity to pray for her and her husband. We led them in prayer to release forgiveness towards those who had wronged them. It’s always such a joy and privilege seeing the lives of the people changed because of the love of God that we get to share with them.
After lunch we walked to the community of “City of God” to minister to the people. The  buildings they live in are seemingly stacked on top of each other, making use of every foot of space. We split up into smaller groups and one of our groups stopped to minister to a kind, older man whom the Lord wanted to bring real truth into his life. He made the  decision to accept Jesus into his life as Lord and Savior! There was also a woman who had heartache from her former marriage and loss of a child. As the team led her to forgive her ex-husband, you could see the freedom through the love of God surrounding her. Praise the Lord!
In the evening at Casa De Jesus in Heliopolis, we had the privilege to join in with their Wednesday night service where Troy, Carly and Jaimie spoke about this generation being a Joshua and Caleb generation. We need to be near to Jesus and hear His voice in order for the walls in our lives to come down. If we shift our focus onto other things that distract us from spending time with Jesus, we won’t truly be close to him and receive freedom. At the end of the service both Troy and Pastor Mary Pat gave a powerful call to come up to the alter if they wanted prayer for freedom from distraction. Many people came up front as our team spread out and prayed for them. Many ended up touched by the presence of God and one young lady prayed to receive Jesus!