Brazil – Friday, January 26

Today was another day of celebration as we found out we got permission to use the local Samba school for a crusade tomorrow! The Samba school is a huge warehouse used for Samba dancing competitions and preparation for a Brazilian celebration called Carnival. Even though this location is used for practices that are not of the Lord, the crusade will be bring God’s glory to Heliopolis! This will be our second crusade at the Samba school with the last one being in 2006!

At breakfast we had a time of worship, intercession for the crusade, and sharing with each other what the Lord showed us in regards to Pastor Bill’s impartation last night. In the afternoon we got into groups to encourage and pray for each other to release any areas of fear in our heart. The team then went out into the community and canvased the area with 400 flyers. When we returned we had dinner and team time with teaching from Pastor Mary about the importance of desiring humility and removing pride in our lives. We ended the day with cake and Happy Birthday wishes for Carly!