Brazil – Saturday, January 27

As we awoke to the sound of people going to and fro outside of our Brazilian home, we couldn’t help but be excited as we prayed over what the Lord is going to do today. We were reminded of a prophetic word that was given to the team prior to leaving the United States, “Watch what He does!” As we grabbed the remainder of our 1300 flyers, the team went out inviting people to come join us today at the Somba School. We were well received at a local street market among many other places. When finished and the time was near, we headed to the Somba School to set up the crusade. We were hugely blessed to be able to borrow sound equipment from the father of one of our student leaders, Hobson, from “City of God.”
We started off with some heavenly worship lead by Pastor Bill and Jaimie. We preformed two of our dances, along with the “The Heart Skit” and the “Emotions” drama; which included our friends Hayla, Daniel and Janiel.  We showed the “Magdalena” film which is the telling of the life, crucifixion and resurrection through Mary Magdalena’s perspective. There was a turnout that comprised of a decent amount of children and some adults whom we knew the Lord wanted to touch in an important way. Pastors Bill and Mary Pat along with the team ministered to those who wanted to receive Jesus and be healed by Him, to which we had 20 salvations!
In the evening, we had some team time in which we heard some words of wisdom from Pastor Mary Pat. During this time we also presented gifts to Eunice, Hobson, Daniel, Janiel, Hayla, Amanda, Jo, and Melqui, which included hats for the guys, jewelry for the girls, and official Frontline shirts for everyone!