Brazil – Monday, January 29

With just one more day until we begin our week of children’s ministry, there were 600 fish and 100 soccer balls to cut out, as well as various other things to tape and staple! Our team excitedly took up the task!  As we prepared the crafts, we also allowed the Lord to prepare our hearts for all He has in store for the children this week. Lunchtime brought a delicious surprise! Jo and Melqui’s parents own an ice cream shop and we were blessed with several popsicles! The flavors varied from your typical chocolate and strawberry to a highly usual corn flavored popsicle!  In the afternoon, we spent time in soaking and prayer for the children ministry as well as Monday night service in City of God. The Lord placed 2 Peter 1:5-9 on Troy’s heart. Before we knew it, we were creating a drama to display the many attributes that Jesus gives us when we are close to him.
As we packed into the van and drove to City of God, we were encouraged and excited for the service! While Jaimie narrated the passage from 2 Peter, Jordan and Tiana acted it out.
This included showing how Jesus gives us faith,  goodness, knowledge, self control, perseverence, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. The service continued with the team releasing various prophetic words to encourage the church. Janiel spoke out a word of knowledge about pain in the left foot. A woman who came up for prayer testified that the pain was completely gone! Of the 70 people in attendance, all appeared to be deeply touched by the Lord!