Brazil – Monday, January 22

The buzz of a multi-million person metropolis rarely quiets. But rolling brownouts are the product of an overtaxed electricity infrastructure. Today in the midst of one of these brownouts, time froze as factories, tv’s and rogue alleyway stereos dried up in silence. It started faintly but within the heart of Casa de Jesus in Heliopolis, a multilingual chorus of worship erupted as open hands became the percussion to drum out heavenly melodies on old school desks and plastered walls. Simple and humble people gathering together for one purpose, one person – Jesus. Laughter rolled out from the windows and cracks of an otherwise ordinary building into the surrounding streets.
We joined together in holy communion to sealĀ a new level of gratitude in our willing hearts for Lord Jesus. In the evening, our team headed to City of God for the Monday night church service. The team gleefully reunited with Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat. Pastor Bill led a 4 guitar quartet that drew 70 people into the 800 square foot sanctuary. PMP urged all to dive deeper into the bottomless depths of God’s love. Nearly everyone, including the children, plunged their hands into the air to receive more! Rain, time, heat and even a temporary loss of power could not turn away a people so hungry to know God in a deeper way. Out of this desire and faith to believe, healings began to spring up throughout the church. Our dear friend and Director of Frontline Worship Center – Brazil, Ines Nunes, felt that someone was suffering from kidney issues. A woman raised her hand saying she had kidney, head, and back pain and was healed after prayer! Four others were healed of back, stomach, and head pain. God is eagerly partnering with those in City of God and Heliopolis who desire nothing but than Him.