Brazil – Friday, February 2

Today in the children’s program Jaimie, Theresa and Andrew taught about Jesus being our revealer. They instructed the children on how worship reveals and brings us closer to the heart of God. We examined Revelation 4 and 5 which depicts the throne room of God. The team reconstructed this heavenly scene for the children to experience. During soaking they were encouraged to draw what God was showing them. Daniel and Janiel each read aloud the “Heart of your father” letter which was given to Pastor Mary Pat by God while in Brazil in 2015. In the crafting section the kids decorated tambourines to use in worship to Jesus. To close, we asked if there was anyone who wanted to receive Jesus into their hearts. Nine children at Heliopolis and 4 at City of God gave their lives to Jesus for the first time!

In the evening, we prepared for a crusade outside of a local bar. Worship was led by Jaime, Mel and Theresa, which quickly quieted the blaring music of nearby businesses. The bar was our location but the hearts of the people were the destination for the outpouring of God’s love. Dramas, dances and testimonies were shared. Three people were healed – one of kidney pain and two of back pain. Troy shared the gospel and the love of the Father allowing three more people to enter the family of God!