Braganca Polista H.S. Outpouring

Our team traveled Sunday morning to Braganca Polista in order to minister at Community of Grace, where Marcus and Amelia pastor a contemporary church filled with eager people and many young adults. Mary Pat opened with prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to come, believing God was ready to demonstrate His heart and healing virtues as part of His great love. The Lord was faithful to His promises as person after person received healings, sharing testimonies across the front of the church. As a dozen or more testified to a healing touch and miracle, the peoples’ hearts, so full of expectancy, were opened to receive a penetrating message of the Father’s love which heals the wounds of the heart. The testimonies created a platform for the Message of the Kingdom to go forth with such power that the expectancy level continually increased throughout the service. Jesus said if the lame walk, the blind see, and the oppressed are set free, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you! It was truly a day when the power of Heaven touched earth. At the end of the morning service, the team prayed for the fire of God to fall on the church’s cell group leaders, and many had powerful and tangible encounters with the Holy Spirit as He opened new realms of the Spirit to them.

The day was very full and rich in God, as our team spent the afternoon at Ama Vida, (Portuguese for “Love Life”) a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that is an outreach of Community of Grace. Food, fun, and fellowship was enjoyed by everyone out in the beautiful Brazilian countryside. Our guys played soccer with the men and also had the chance to pray, encourage, and minister to their hearts to rely 100% on Jesus. It is the Lord’s power that can make them free in every way, as they depend on His strength. We were also able to celebrate with one of the men from the rehab program as he graduated from the program. Obrigado Senhor, Thank you Lord!

The expectancy was thick in the air as we returned to the church for the evening service. We were met with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as the congregation pursued the Lord’s presence in worship. The passionate message Mary Pat shared flowed from the morning’s ministry, and the Holy Spirit pressed into the peoples’ hearts the Kingdom heart of God. The supernatural life is normal for the believer! The time is NOW for the manifold wisdom of God to be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms (Eph. 3.10)! God longs for His people to be radical in their pursuit and passion for souls. Dare to believe! God will be faithful to confirm His word with signs and wonders.

The service lasted well over the planned time as people encountered the presence God in a new, fresh wave of His Holy Spirit. There were many testimonies of healing miracles that came forth, highly specific words of knowledge were given, and people were baptized in the Spirit. We are so grateful lives were changed and touched so deeply, and our heart is to pray for this wave to flow out of this church, as God was doing “something new” in this region. The senior pastor, Marcos, indicated that this was the spark the church leadership had been praying for. Hallelujah! Our hearts are now knitted with the people of this country and we will not stop crying out until we see revival hit and flood this whole land. Come Lord Jesus, come.