Bonus Day in Heliopolis!

On Friday morning, half of the team went to City of God to transform the FMI Centro de Adoracao by painting the walls with recent visions the children and team have had there. The other half of the team stayed at Heliopolis, which brought great joy to the kids who got a bonus day of worship, teaching, and crafts. Stephanie gave a recap of everything they learned throughout the week and Amanda whole-heartedly displayed the account of Jesus dying on the cross to solidify what Jesus had done for all of us. During soaking, the children experienced miraculous encounters with the Lord — one boy saw a vision of a dove flying in the sky and two other children saw Jesus returning to the Earth. This was especially incredible because the team hadn’t shared about this at all, so it undoubtedly was a download from heaven! We loved seeing the children receive these gems of revelation from the Lord. It was a great finish to a wonderful week of teaching and connecting with the children of Heliopolis.