Blind woman sees in Navrongo

While taking a walk in the “downtown” part of Navrongo, Mary Pat, Amy, and Dani stopped to pray for an elderly beggar who was sitting beside the busy road. Caga had been completely blind in her left eye for 20 years, not even being able to see light. After several minutes of prayer, she began to see light, then she saw three women and a man (those who were surrounding her at the time), and then she was able to repeatedly confirm how many fingers were being held in front of her, with her good eye covered, answering correctly over 4 different times.

As a result, she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and then testified to all who stopped by to see what the commotion was about. Over 30 people in the growing crowd then decided to pray to accept Jesus after seeing the miracle and hearing the Gospel preached. More praying then followed for others, bringing a much larger crowd as more miracles started happening. The message of salvation was again preached and over 100 others made a commitment to Jesus by praying for salvation. This crowd then swelled to several hundred as more people were healed. With each new wave of new people, the salvation message was preached and an invitation to receive Jesus was given. Throughout the whole time, over 300 had prayed to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior– all starting with stopping to pray for one blind woman and God proving Himself faithful yet again.