Blind man healed by Jesus’ compassion

While in Mona, a small village near Sawla, I met Daniel, a blind young man sitting outside a small hut.  The FMI team was about to begin and we were sent out to invite the locals.  I saw him sitting and Darlene and I took him by his hand and he willingly came.  After the drama I went over to where Daniel was sitting and sat beside him.  My heart broke when he reached out with both hands and clung to me.  He was shaking as I held him.  As Darlene & Pastor Steven (our translator) shared the gospel, I saw that Daniel was raising his hand.  He seemed so weak so I helped hold his arm up.  He quietly repeated the prayer for salvation with a small smile on his face.  I just lost it and started to bawl.  I felt God’s compassion for him and saw the beauty in it all.  The healing call was given and Pastor Bill, Pastor Mary Pat and I prayed for him to be healed and he began to see.  He was able to count fingers and saw his Mom for the first time.  Praise Jesus!