Blind Eye Touched by God

During our time in Nima, Pastor Mary Pat and Carl were able to pray outside of the main mosque for a Muslim woman who was blind in one eye. Her eye was completely white, and she was unable to see anything from it. After they prayed for her, she was able to see flashes of light. They took a look into her eye, noticing that what was once completely white was turning brown. The two men that were translating began to get excited, telling the crowd, “It’s turning brown! It’s turning brown!” At that time, two Muslim women came and physically snatched the woman away. Though she was gone, the translators and crowd that had gathered were unable to deny that God was touching the woman. Pastor Mary Pat and Carl brought the two translators and some of the crowd over, where team members shared the Gospel with them. Seeing God heal the woman’s blind eye opened the door to draw many into the Kingdom. The two men who were translating, as well as many in the crowd prayed to receive salvation.