Back, lungs healed

After the acceptance prayer, we had a time for prayer for anyone who wanted prayers for healing.  That went on for probably half an hour or so.  I was able to pray for two women in that time–both healed!!!!
The first lady was an elderly lady who was walking with a limp.  I saw her on the fringe walking away and walked over to where she was.  She didn’t know English but her daughter came over who does know English so she translated.  Grace fell some time ago and hurt her back so badly that she couldn’t stand up straight and had pain in her back and around the front in her chest area.  I think she thought she had a bad heart.  Anyway, I asked another team member, Monica, to join me.  We prayed, the Holy Spirit was evident, and the woman was healed!  I asked how she felt–she said the pain was gone.  I then asked her to walk away from us.  She did, perfectly normal and began dancing around!  We were all so thrilled for her.
The other lady, Ama, was young, had a bowl of short “sticks” on her head used to clean teeth (really gums), and said, through an interpreter who was saved last night (Vincent) that she had pain in her lower lung area when she breathed.  It had been there for considerable time. Monica and I prayed, she was healed and could breathe without pain!