Até logo, Moçambique! (See you later, Mozambique!)

Yesterday after visiting our land, we started the long trip back to Maputo. It is hard to believe we are leaving tomorrow! Along the way, we decided we would stop back at Pastor Jose’s “Linha de Frente” (“Front Line”) Project and spend the night there. Soon after we arrived, we got to witness a beautiful Mozambican sunset over a field of ripe pineapples and cassava plants. While the land is currently being used solely for agriculture, God has given Pastor Jose big plans for expansion, including a Christian soccer academy, a church, and living quarters. Seeing the fruits of what God is doing on this land is always awe-inspiring, and we were blessed to be the first group to ever spend the night there! We gathered wood for a fire and drew water from the well to make dinner. We enjoyed a meal together as a team and then broke into groups to share personal highlights from the trip. Feelings of joy and gratitude overflowed as we looked back on all God had done in and through us over the past three weeks. While we are all excited to return home to family and friends, saying goodbye to Pastor Jose, all our contacts, and this country that is etched so deeply in our hearts is always bittersweet. Until next year, Mozambique, Deus te abençoe! (God bless you!)