Arrival in Accra

We arrived at the Accra airport after dark and stepped off the plane into weather reminiscent of a beautiful summer’s night in Ohio. Just outside the airport doors we were warmly greeted by our good friends Pastor Samuel and Kofi. After a joyful reunion, we loaded the cars and headed to Pastor Samuel’s house. What used to be an hour long drive on crater laden dirt roads now took a mere 20 minutes thanks to the recently completed “George Bush Highway” that stretched from Accra to the northern region (the funds for which were provided by the former U.S. president’s administration). When we arrived at the house, Mama Vera and their oldest daughter Christodia ran out to welcome us. A delicious dinner of jolof rice and chicken awaited us inside, which we were very thankful for after a long day of travel. We visited with the family and Mama Vera informed us that she would not be coming to the north with us this year because she has started a school. She has 9 students that are preschool aged through 1st grade and she plans on teaching these students through junior secondary school (8th grade) while also taking in more students each year. Their daughter Ester is also helping to teach in the school. We told Mama Vera we hope we can see it before we leave, which she assured us we would. By this time it was very late so they got us all settled in our rooms for the night. It is good to be back at our Ghanaian home!