Armor of God Outreach into the Slums

In the morning, we held our first structured children’s outreach at Heliopolis facilitated by Tom and Justin teaching on the Armor of God with about 40-50 children. The children were calm and engaged throughout the entire program. Our program included worship in Portuguese with the children, a teaching on soaking including puppets, and a drama and teaching about the Armor of God.  We concluded with a craft, snack, and balloon swords for the children to take home. We actively involved the children during the teaching by having one of them dress up in the Armor of God, and another child act with us in our skit.

In the afternoon, the team headed to the City of God favela to put on the same program with about 40 of our new friends there. The children were very excited to the see the team- running out to greet us as we arrived! They love to be loved on and played with by the team! They were very attentive to the program as well, especially participating in our time of soaking. The balloon swords were a big hit too!