Amazing Encounter with the Eyes of Jesus

One day during house to house ministry, Jill had an incredible encounter with Jesus.  The group was praying for a baby who had received a measure of healing for his heart, but was still dealing with circulation difficulties.  As the ministry team prayed, Jill became focused on the eyes of the child.  She saw a deep ocean blue color that was radiating purity and power.  As Jill talked and prayed over the boy, he continuously released joy as he laughed and smiled.  Jesus was showing Himself strong through the life of a small child.  The next day Jill showed the baby to a few of the other team members.  But, his eyes were no longer blue as they were the day before! They were a dark brown. Jill encountered the loving and joyful eyes of Jesus. As she began to weep before the Lord, Jill felt that He was breaking her heart for the people on His heart. Amazing.