Amazing Display of God´s Love and Power

Sunday morning we received a warm welcome from Pastor Dirceu and the
members of Casa de Jesus. Each member of our team shared a word of encouragement,
then Pastor Mary Pat shared a powerful testimony of the Lord´s
provision for both big and small things in our lives. On Thursday
morning, Pastor Mary Pat had asked the Lord for a shower cap because
she didn´t have one. When we were about to leave the Heliopolis favela, a woman
called Pastor Mary Pat to come over to her little shop. She reached
into her bag, pulled out a shower cap, and gave it to Pastor Mary Pat!
God hears and answers our prayers, no matter how “important” (the
nations) or “unimportant” (a shower cap). As the message concluded,
people began to come up front to receive more from the Lord. Prophetic
words and anointing were released. Many people fell down under the
power of Holy Spirit. Pastor Mary Pat encouraged people to lay hands
on one of the older women in the church who was experiencing the joy
of Holy Spirit. As people touched her, burdens fell off and they began to laugh and step
into the joy of the Lord. As we know, the joy of the Lord is our
strength! A 15 year-old began to cry as Pastor Mary Pat prophecied
over him and fell down under the power of Holy Spirit for the first
time. When asked how he felt, he said that it was somewhat crazy, but
very good. A new season has begun in Casa de Jesus!