Amatonga Receives More!

Our team returned to Amatonga the next evening for a crusade next to the church we had visited and ministered to the previous Sunday morning.  The Lord revealed Himself strongly through His mighty love and many were powerfully drawn to declare Jesus as their Lord and Savior forever!  The crowd grew to hundreds of people within minutes of our team setting up for the outreach.  More and more came and listened as the night drew on and as many of our team members shared about the love of our Father.  Pastor Mary Pat preached the message of Jesus’ love, and people quickly came to the front to bend their knees in reverence to the Lord. Two hundred people were rescued out of darkness… glory to God in the highest!  The amazing grace and mercy of our King also touched and restored many who had been suffering from various types of illnesses.  There was a large amount of people in the crowd who had been experiencing chest and back pains who testified of a change in their bodies after a prayer for healing was released.  Headaches and vision impairments were also healed.  One young woman came up to the front with a cane in her hand and began to move her legs freely without any pain.  Prior to the prayer, she was unable to walk without the cane.  You are always good, Lord!