All Receive Jesus, Eyes Healed, Lives Touched

On Thursday the team traveled to Zonguene, a village FMI last visited in 2010. A rarity in Mozambique, the pastor there is a joyful and fiery woman of God named Pastor Alda. As we set up our tents and prepared for crusade, we noted that many in the gathering crowd were women and Pastor Mary Pat felt that it would be a great opportunity to show Magdalena, a variation of the Jesus Film. It is told from the perspective of Mary Magdalene that focuses strongly on the compassionate heart of Jesus. After the movie, Pastor Mary Pat preached and 120 people prayed to invite Jesus into their hearts! During our time of healing prayer, Pastor Mary Pat had a word of knowledge about eye problems. Six women, including Pastor Alda came up for prayer and all were healed! Pastor Alda had been suffering from pain in her eyes for one month and another woman’s eyes had been watering and she had been seeing dark spots for 2 years. After prayer they both said all of these symptoms left completely, as did the other women with eye problems! Many other healings took place as well, including an elderly woman who had struggled with knee and leg problems for many years. Once she was healed, she began dancing around and praising God as if she were 40 years younger!