All Receive from the Lord and Even the Youth Prophesy

The team returned to City of God to minister at the Monday night church service there. Pastor Bill led worship and then Pastor Mary Pat shared a message which included her vision that she had the previous night of Jesus. The team was then encouraged to share prophetic words over everyone present who wanted one. For some, this was likely the first word they had ever been given. It was amazing watching everyone on the team step out and bless these precious people with words from the Lord over their life.
After everyone present who wanted a word had received one, Pastor Mary Pat encouraged the people that if they know Jesus and have Holy Spirit living on the inside of them, they too can be used by God to bless others with a prophetic word. She asked if anyone had a word on their heart to share with another person.  A 9 year-old boy from the favela that we knew from past years and had had a very challenging life came forward and offered a word over another child about God’s love for them — this was truly amazing for this boy. A 12 year-old boy who had recently been baptized in the Holy Spiri shared a very powerful word over Huan, another world changer in the favela…simply awesome! God truly loves all who come to Him as little children!