Alafia- A Village Full of Idols

We had the priviledge of sharing the good news of the Gospel in a village where there is no church. When Pastor Samuel met a man from Alafia, he told him that there was no church in the village, and that there were many idols. There is a strong influence from Togo in this village. When we entered the village, we could see idols in front of the houses, and we met the spiritual herbalist who holds a position of power among the people. In fact, people come to that village for the purpose of getting healed from their sicknesses through his demonic powers and sacrifices. We met one woman from Accra who claimed to be a Christian but who was staying in Alafia to get healing for her leg, which was swollen and infected.

It was a great joy to share the truth of Jesus with these people. After the dramas, Andy and Rachel preached the Gospel and urged the people to turn from their idols to follow the Most High God. Many people came forward to give their lives to Jesus, so we are holding these new believers before the Father in prayer. Everyone on the team joined in to pray for healing, and we stopped the bus to pray over the village as we were driving away.