Agnes Gets a Touch of Love

Nikki, Monica and I (Andy) were walking in Amasaman and we noticed a woman who appeared to be skin and bones. She was lying on a kind of wooden recliner chair. She and her family sold charcoal. She looked rather sickly, and as we talked to her, she shared that she had malaria and that her husband had stabbed her and tried to kill her. On top of that, when she was little she had some kind of sickness and a doctor gave her a shot of medicine. The medicine left her right leg without any strength. With her husband long gone, she lived in a shack by the railroad tracks with her mother and three children. Right there, dirty with charcoal dust, God began to touch her heart. We shared the love of God- how he loves her- and that He had taken all pain on Himself. She prayed out to forgive her husband and the doctor who had given the medication. She then prayed to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and with great joy on our faces we watched as she began to speak in tongues and thank the Lord. The pain in her leg and shoulder both left and she declared: “God is doing wonders!” We shared that the Lord wanted her to laugh, and prayed for more of the Holy Spirit. May the joy of the Lord truly be her strength!