Addictions Broken, Healing Loosed, Children Restored to the Father

Two mighty trees shade much of the land surrounding Igreja Comunao Na Colheita in Nhocuene. Their umbrage has undoubtedly seen much, but today Heaven flooded the land in a new way as our team prophetically worshipped King Jesus with all the angels. This imperative precursor undeniably paved a foundation of freedom, salvation and deliverance to be had at the crusade just a few hours later. Leg, back, stomach, wrist, and head pain evaporated in the intense warmth of God’s love. Five people came to salvation while 21 people were delivered from alcohol abuse, witchcraft, theft, and sexual immorality. A celebration ensued with song, laughter, and playfulness as both children and adults basked in the marvel of God’s power to set the captives free!