We spent the afternoon going house to house in Adabrakah. Our group followed up on a family we had prayed for earlier in the trip. The 5 year-old daughter, Perpetua, had been hit by a car in December. She had suffered brain damage, and couldn’t speak, hold up her head, or control her hand movements. We spent some time praying for her and her father. After asking some questions we found out that a pastor had come and prayed for Perpetua after the accident, but had said that she was going to die. This greatly upset the father. We prayed with Him and he forgave the pastor and gave His life back to the Lord. The mother then brought Perpetua to church on Sunday, and said that she had begun responding with a “yes,” to questions, which was new! The team members prayed more for her after the church service, and Pastor Francis met them and will be visiting them to keep informed of the healing progress.