Adabrakah – Thurs.

We will be spending the week sowing into the Life Christian Centre branch located in Adabrakah, where Pastor Francis (Pastor Samuel’s younger brother) is leading the congregation. On Thursday, we spent the afternoon walking around the area in SEALS groups, inviting people to the church service on Sunday and ministering as the Lord opened up opportunity. One group prayed with 25 children to give their hearts to the Lord!

We arrived at our first drama site in the evening, ready to go. Phil, Dani, and Donna performed the Heart Skit, and Jaimie, Troy, and Andy performed “Torn Between Two Worlds”.  We also did “Released”. The team did awesome in their first night of drama! 25 people came forward to pray and receive Jesus, including a young man named Vincent. His testimony is recorded below. It spans both Thursday and Friday, as God has been moving in the heart of this man!