A Sunday to Remember…A Healing That Won’t Be Forgotten

Today the team woke up early in the morning to prepare for this Sunday’s services. While our team headed into Zimpeto, Troy preached at Maluana under the shade of a large tree in Pastor Fernando’s compound before heading into the city to join the team. Around 25 adults and all of the children from the center gathered to hear his message on the parable of the soils from Matthew 13. He explained how we can be fertile soil and used the prolific tree as an example of what our lives can look like when we are good soil and stay connected to Jesus as described in John 15.  

Meanwhile, the team headed to Iris Ministries’ Zimpeto base and children’s center. We felt right at home as we were welcomed by many familiar faces and old friends. A fragrant offering of exultation was released as the Zimpeto team led worship in three languages: English, Portuguese, and the local dialect Shangan. Twin brothers, Angelo and Ernesto, then came up to the stage to lead two special worship songs. We were impressed by the giftings and anointing released by these young musicians and singers. Then long-term missionary, Steve Lazar, invited Pastor Mary Pat up to the stage. He informed everyone that when Ernesto was just two years old, he was dying from AIDS, and Pastor Mary Pat prayed through the night with Ernesto to contend for his healing. This took place in 2003 on Frontline’s first mission trip to Mozambique. Twelve years later the twins are now celebrating their fifteenth birthday and are both healthy and AIDS free! Praise God!

 Pastor Mary Pat then preached a powerful message on what Jesus accomplished for us at the cross, using Colossians 1:13-23 as the main passage. This strong message of the cross and the blood of Jesus led into an anointed release of worship. Jaimie led out in signing an original Portuguese worship song: “Te Adoraré”. Ashleigh sang melody and Joquebedi backed them up on the guitar, while Bethany, Tania, and Lawrence expressed their hearts of worship through a new worship dance. At the end, the rest of the team joined the 3 dancers and encouraged everyone present to join in the free-flowing, uninhibited praise. It was unlike anything we have ever seen in Mozambique. Members of the Zimpeto worship team jumped in on their instruments as men, women, and children danced throughout the sanctuary. We could feel a new level of freedom arise as people stepped out of their comfort zone, in a style of dance that is very atypical of their culture. The joy was evident on everyone’s face and the presence of God was tangible in the room. We believe that this will mark a new season of abandonment in worship for all that were present, our team included!