A Green Light for Jesus in the Red Light District

Last year, before FMI’s mission trip to Indonesia, Pastor Mary Pat had a vision of herself and another team member walking through a red light district – an urban area with a large concentration of brothels and prostitutes.  When God provided an open door for the 2011 mission team to visit Singapore for one day, they briefly visited and ministered in the city’s red light district called Geylang.  This turned out to be a divine appointment, as when the team returned this year, God had much more in store!

The evening we arrived in Singapore, our team met up with our pastor contacts who showed us a few places around the city as we got more acquainted with each other.  We mentioned our brief time in Geylang last year, and our pastor contact offered to drive us there.  When we reached the red light district, our contacts were shocked at what they saw – scores of streets full of brothels; girls on the street much younger than anyone expected.   One contact told us he had never been to Geylang before – no missionary or church parishioner had ever requested to go!

We spoke about God’s heart for those caught up in so much darkness in this district.  As we prayed for freedom for those caught in darkness, and for God’s plan for Geylang, our hearts were touched even more with the love of God for these precious ones.  Our Singapore friends were also deeply moved, and this simple drive through Geylang sparked much discussion and visioning for the remainder of the trip about how the church could work together to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Geylang.

Two days later, on our last night in beautiful Singapore, we headed down to Geylang to minister on the streets.  We were connected with a wonderful woman who has devoted her life to ministering to the prostitutes and pimps in Geylang.  As we walked through the district together, God opened up many doors for our team to minister to the prostitutes and pimps on the streets.  Pastor Mary Pat and Michelle spoke with one precious woman who, at three months pregnant, was still “taking clients” to survive.  As we shared much about Father God’s loving heart with her, she opened up her heart to us in return.  Pastor Mary Pat gave her a prophetic word from Father’s heart, and as she hugged and prayed for this precious one, tears streamed down the young lady’s face as she realized how much she was loved and treasured by her Heavenly Father.

We were also divinely connected with another woman of the streets who was in the midst of a dire situation.  Led to her tiny brothel room by a friend of our ministry contact, we were hurriedly escorted in.  In this dark, dank place of bondage, the light of Jesus broke through!  The prostitute we were brought to see was in the midst of cutting herself – saddened and tormented by many things including the suicide death of her own sister a few days ago.  But praise be to God that His love is stronger than death!  As Holy Spirit led, our team was able to minister the powerful love of God to this young lady, her friend, and even her “boyfriend.”  At one point, she exclaimed that God had saved her life that night, as she was planning on killing herself.  Pastor Mary Pat shared that God had brought us from so far away just to come see her this night.  Praise the Lord for His freedom and life breaking through!

We continued to minister in the red light district until nearly 4 am – sharing the Gospel, Father’s love, and praying for everyone Holy Spirit led us to.  We know God has a big plan for this part of Singapore that has been overlooked by society and even much of the church.  We look forward to what the future holds!